Tony Stephenson II

Tony Stephenson is a  Financial Educator, Real Estate Investor and Philanthropist who is on a mission to create a community that inspires, enlightens, and encourages people to stop living a life of scarcity and start living a life of abundance. He has a passion for helping others and prides himself on the long-lasting, fruitful relationships he’s built over the years. His passion for helping people is a direct reflection of his role model, Patricia Stephenson, his mom.  

Born and raised in Raleigh,North Carolina but also spent a few years growing up in Columbia, South Carolina after his parents divorced at a young age. He believes that things happen FOR him and not TO him and growing up in a single parent home with his mom working 2-3 jobs at a time was best thing that could have happen for him.    

On June 19,2012 he enlisted into the United States Navy and has been stationed in Norfolk, Virginia for the last 6 years where he's currently serving his second active duty tour. He believes the military gave him the foundation that he needed to start his journey of becoming a better person and having a positive impact on the world. So not only does he serves his community but his country as well.